An Aussie gentlemen vs an American gentlemen

28 Aug


So what is the difference between. Aussie gentlemen and a American gentlemen you may ask yourself?

From Aussie language like ” my shout”, “fair dinkum”,”gday mate”, and “you little ripper” to the love of footy and cricket and finally the love of being an Australian. That is what being an Aussie male is all about.

I have never dated a American gentlemen so I can only speak from a friend perspective, but American gentlemen have buddies rather than mates, they enjoy american beer such as Bud and food like buffalo wings which isn’t really buffalo and they love to tail gate and that doesn’t mean being close to the car in front of you,

Today I was asked a interesting questions what makes me Australian, I said “I am from Australia” they replied “but what makes Australia , Australia” I thought about that questions and replied-

” Australia is a land of beauty, farmer union ice coffee, Aussie rules football, the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the meat pie, cricket, amazing scenery, kangaroos, Crocodile Dundee and the attitude that it is the best place to live and be from”

Then I was asked what is Australian men like compared to American men. I replied “well you know the movie Australia when Hugh Jackman takes his shirt off and he is tan, hot and ripped, will just like that” “Nah just kidding”, I replied quickly afterwards.

Well I met my husband at a B & S Ball. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a Bachelor and Spinster Ball in the middle of a paddock where you drink, dance, through food dye at each other and have a hell of a good time. It is very Australian and very country! Random I know but 9 years later we are still together and happly married.

My friend replied- “we need an event like that in the USA, I would love to marry a Aussie guy”

It got me thinking that did I fall in love with my husband because he was Australian or because we have things in common? It was appealing that he was from Australia but that did not define him and I feel like love with his kindness, interests, personality and lets be honest he was hot!

So I guess the conclusion of this blog is all men are similar, doesn’t matter if they are from Australia, England, China or the USA. You fall in love with the person not the nationality.

With that said it is time for bed. I lastly want to thank each and everyone of you for reading and for your support. I have been blown away with the response to my blog and feel truly blessed that you are enjoying reading my posts.

If there is any topics you would like me to tackle feel free to email me at or send me a message.

So until tomorrow, I am Sarah, this is The Expat Loop and I am signing off good night,

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