The art of men’s cooking.

9 Sep

Back in the day, the wives/ girlfriends were the homemaker- washing, cleaning and cooking the works they did it. In today’s society the husband/ boyfriend seems to take more responsibility and that resulted in cooking more.

When I refer to cooking I don’t mean whack the meat on the BBQ, I mean quality, interesting meals such beef stews, roasts, stir fries,you know the whole enchilada.

This topic came to hand this weekend when I was staying with a dear friend of mine and her boyfriend. The boyfriend does the cooking, he is a great chef. I always thought my girlfriend was a good cook but she said she is a ” a convenient cook” She cooks because she has to, not for the love of cooking.

In our household I do most of the cooking, mainly as I am home earlier from work and I love to cook. Though hubby is a brilliant cook. He is very creative and just put things together to create great flavors and textures.

I started to think about it and realized I know a lot of men who are the cooks of the family. Not to mention some of the best chef are men and my Aussie favorite Curtis Stone.

I grew up with Mum being the cook of the family. She is brilliant, and has dinner parties down to a fine art. Growing up my parents would through dinner parties, cocktail parties and seasonal parties. The table would be set beautifully and the food divine. I would help Mum and learn from her.

I love a good dinner party and love throwing them. I have has some good dinner parties in my time. I think there is a real art to a good dinner party. I think that’s why I started working in event management so my life was one endless party.

I think men over time have become –

Snag’s ? ( sensitive, new, age, guy)
Good multi tasters?

Or in fact is it because the men- women divide has become more equal?

The roles at home are shared. More men are becoming stay at home Dad’s ( House Husbands). Well what ever it is, it is a good thing.

No more is the art of men’s cooking a piece of meet of the BBQ, frozen peas and spud.

It has turned from that to fillet migeon!

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