Pick up lines- did he really just say that?

23 Sep


This blog was inspired by my recent experience. I was the receiver of pick up lines.

What is up with bad pick up lines? Do guys really think they work?

In the past two weeks, I have been a receiver of the following pick up lines:

” That is a fantastic dress, looks even better with you in it, are you single?”

” I think I have died and gone to heaven as I am looking at a angel”

” This must be your coffee as there is a love heart on it and I hold a key to your heart”

” Feel like getting dinner?, doesn’t matter you are married”

The problem is when the guy says this to me, I have no words. Not one world comes out of my mouth, for what feels like minutes. My typical response is thanks, married, no not single.

It got me thinking, are American men more forthright then Aussie men?

I mean I have been picked up in Australia but not normally in the street, train station or supermarket.

Are American men more confident? Do men honestly believe the line will work?

Though I have to say that it is flattering, it is hard as I am not interested and unsure how to respond.

When I met my husband he came up to me on the dance floor asked me to dance and that was that. No cheesy line and no awkward moment.

Can’t a guy just go up to a single woman and say hi, can I buy you a drink?

Well good luck to guys with the pick up lines. My advice less cheesy and more honest!


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