How forward is too forward?

24 Oct


Have you had those moments when a guy approaches you and you are thinking- he is hot (check), he is sophisticated ( check), he is successful (check) and then he opens his mouth and you think yes I would like a drink and then he speaks and says 
“Did you just get hit in the head with a baseball? Because I think you’re swell!”
At the point the only thing that goes through you mind is WTF?! I mean really what was he thinking. All romance is out the window, all attraction is gone and that drink that would be a hell NO!
You think Sarah just made this up as if it would happen but I can honestly say it did happen, in fact 17 minutes ago to be exact. Yes I am married and no I am not interested in anyone, but I do live vicariously through my single girlfriends. But on this occasion all I thought was how forward is too forward?
A few friends and I were at a networking event last night, a room full men with less women. It was 3 Aussie and a English gal and it was like dogs on heat. Was it our accent? Was it our looks? What it that they were despite? What ever it was , it was an experience. The fact that 3 of us were married and none of us were interested was beside the point. It was a networking event for start ups not dating 101. One of my girlfriends said back in English I didn’t have much luck dating, then I get married moved to the USA and bingo I am a magnet for men. Why is that? Then it dawned on us, American men are more forward.
My girlfriends and I talked about different pick up lines and experience from a guy on the street staying” I like your hips”  to ” You butt is like Kim Kardashian , move that thing” to ” Damn your beautiful” to “ Light up my bedroom tonight” Regardless of the pick up line being good, bad or ugly at least they are giving it a go.
The thing for me is I don’t really like it.  If I was single a pick up line would not float my boat. How about just “Hi, how are you? Or can I buy you a drink?”. How forward is too forward?
Single gals of the world unite, lets get rid of bad pick up lines and start finding our prince charming.

2 Responses to “How forward is too forward?”

  1. lovethedatinggame October 24, 2013 at 10:44 pm #

    I agree with what you’ve said. But I think the cheesy pickup lines is just a way to disguise a lot of men’s fears of approaching women 🙂

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