Planning the unplannable!

16 Nov


As you all know I like to plan. Plan what I am doing this week, weekend, month, coming months. But sometime it seems no mater how hard you plan something happens and all plans goes out the window.

It could be dropping your phone in the toilet, planning a romantic getaway and hubby is away still, crashing your car, a family member passing away while abroad, driving a golf buggy into a car or throwing a surprise party for hubby and his flight is late and arrives half way through the party. What ever it is you need to be flexible, adaptable and calm.

Yes , to answer the question out there have I experienced all the above. Yes I have.

My life is a constant battle of being flexible. Is it because of the life I live? Is it because I a bit unko? Or is it both of the above.

The thing is to be adjustable. After the week I have had, I know I need to be. So with all that said, below are my top ways in dealing with the unplanned.

1- Breathe– as my mother always said, a deep breath goes a long way

2- Think practically- in unplanned situations it is important to think practically rather than emotionally

3- Make a plan– gather information, create a list and action accordingly.

4- Be Flexible– the unplanned event may not be ideal but be open to finding a solution

5- Wine & Girlfriends– if all else fails and it gets too much. Get your girlfriends or give them call and have a glass of wine to regroup.

Sometime the unplanned events are even better than the planned ones.

It is not about the destination but about the journey!

One Response to “Planning the unplannable!”

  1. foreignsanctuary November 16, 2013 at 1:16 am #

    So true!! Life is all about ‘the climb’!!

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