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New year = New Resolution!

30 Dec


So at this time of year, like everyone, I have been reflecting on the year that was! What an interesting year it has been! With births, wedding, relocations, career changes and sadly some sad times.

A few years ago, a few of my girlfriends and I decided to make 5 goals for the following year. Not goals that you know you will achieve , like I want to go to Hawaii and the trip is already booked but rather goals that you have always wanted to do or achieved. Such as read a new book each month, learn Spanish or buy a house.

We then wrote the goals on paper and put it in the freezer. U may ask yourself why the freezer? Well Mum always told me that if you have something on your mind or a goal to achieve wack it in the freezer and it will have the best change of coming true!

So with NYE upon us and chatting to my gf’s it is time again.

It is important to think about your 5 goals, tell friends so they too know the goals and then go for it.

So what will 2014 bring?! Get thinking!

On January 1st I will tell you my goals!

So open up your freezer today and get goal setting!


Christmas crackers = Christmas jokes!

18 Dec


One of my favorite parts of Christmas are the Christmas crackers, in particular Christmas jokes and the fun toys you get in the cracker.

Mum always wants the ring, Dad a pen and Bro the yo yo. But what I love best are the jokes.

So with that said, just released here are the top a Christmas cracker jokes for 2013!

Just for a laugh (or a groan as is usual on the big day), here are the 10 best Christmas Cracker jokes as voted by the public.

What does Miley Cyrus have at Christmas?. Twerky

Why did no-one bid for Rudolph and Blitzen on Ebay? Because they were two deer

Mary and Josephnow they had a stable relationship

What does the Queen call her Christmas broadcast? The One Show

What did Santa do when he went speed dating? He pulled a cracker

Why don’t you ever see Santa in hospital?
Because he has private elf insurance

How did Mary and Joseph know that Jesus weighed 7lb 6oz when he was born? They had a weigh in a manger

Why is it getting harder to buy Advent calendars? Because their days are numbered

How do you know if Santa has been in your shed? You’ve got three extra hoes

Why was the Brussels Sprout sent to prison? Because he was a repeat offender

Read more:

So with a week left till Christmas!

Crack open your Christmas cracker and enjoy the festive funny season!

It’s time to Christmas it up!

12 Dec


Christmas is my all time favorite time of year! A time for gift giving, decorations, shortbread, fresh smelling Christmas trees, carols Christmas cards and traditions.

It is true to say that I act like a kid at Christmas. Best time of the year. Now not everyone is like me and singing fa la la la at this time of year, some people dislike Christmas all together.

Now I get Christmas isn’t for everyone and some people are into it more than others but why hate Christmas?! I mean doesn’t the smell of egg nog, chestnuts on a open fire or building snowman just melt your heart.

Over the weekend I met a few hater of Christmas. Each to there own but I am determine to turn there Christmas frown upside down.

So here are my top 5 tips for getting into the Christmas spirit this festive season.

1- Embrace for food celebration– indulge in mince pies, shortbread, peppermint bark, pudding to name a few.

2- Sing a little carol- if you are in a Christmas funk,sing a little tune. Get out those old Christmas cd, or buy a new one and have a sing a long to frosty the snow man, have yourself a merry little Christmas or good old jingle bells.

3- Start new traditions- so Christmas isn’t your thing or you are living away from love ones- book a Christmas holiday, do a movie marathon, cook up a feast for orphans Christmas or just relax with a book.

4- Watch Holiday movies- yes I know they can be bad, but always entertaining, especially with girlfriends and a bottle of wine.

5- Attend holiday parties- get out of your comfort zone and attend a holiday party either for work or with friends.

No matter how you do it, embrace the holiday season and get a little festive!

It is time to Christmas it up!

You wish you didn’t say that ?!

6 Dec


We all have those moments when your mouth speaks before you have completely thought it through. Then you deeply regretted what you said.

Take exhibit A- my music idol is Johnny Farnham. For those who arnt sure who he is, he is a Aussie music legend.

Well I was working at the entertainment centre in Adelaide for his concert. We were setting up the food stand and I could not believe it but the John Farnham came to my stand. I said hi, how can I help you, he said he would like to purchase a drink, we exchange drink orders and he paid, though I did offer him a free drink, but then as he left I said ” enjoy the show” then ” oh crap you are the show” at that moment I felt like a nob.

Well have all had though moments some of us more than others.

Take exhibit b

– when’s your baby due? Response I am not pregnant

– When are you going back to Japan for Christmas? response- I am from Korea.

– I just had a hair cut, response you have a bit left over on your neck, then try to get it off and it is attached to her mole. Response- it’s attached!

– I love king island Brie, buy I can’t find it in Kingscote response it made on King Island not Kangaroo Island.

In any case, you can laugh about it afterwards and learn to think before you speak.

Only time will tell if I have learnt the lesson….

When friends become family

4 Dec


I am from a small family. One brother, my parents, a few uncle and aunts and some cousins. Through the years the family has grown to include my sister in law, nephew, niece and god children.

When I married into the Stone family, I was thrilled to have a even bigger family. I love every minute.

Being a expat you are away from your family and your celebrated events turn into you gathering with expat friends. Or a expat family really.

Friends turn into family. Because of my immediate family is small, we have always had close family friends and my girlfriends have always played an important part of my life.

This blog was inspired by my dear girlfriends Bec, Amanda and Vicki traveling from around the world to celebrate Christmas with us.

Friendship goes a lot deeper than just a girls coffee date, sharing fun time or simply hanging out. My girlfriends have done so much for me from staying with me in the hospital, to driving me to the hospital, to helping move the lawn, to being apart of our wedding, to being a friend who you can talk to anything about, to school friends who bring back memories of the school days. What ever it is they have been there for me and hubby and we are forever grateful.

Some friends you connect straight away, while other it take longer. Some friends you have from school, uni or childhood friends while other you met later in life. No matter when you met them each of them play an important role in your life. Each of them are family.

So a shout out to all of our friends around the world. You are more than friends you are family!

Great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.

Guest blog by Jackie Foster- New Holiday Traditions

2 Dec


Introducing guest blogger Jackie from Morning Kawa ( a lifestyle blog from an American girl living in Poland. Find inspiration for vacation destinations, ‘Pinspired’ DIY projects and decor details.

Let me start by saying that I currently live in Wroclaw, Poland which has enabled me to meet people from all over the world: France, Sweden, South Africa, Ethiopia, really anywhere – you name it and someone from there probably lives here in Wroclaw! It’s been a great way to open my eyes to traditions and customs beyond that of the US (where I am originally from). However, the story that has most opened my eyes is a fairly recent one and I can’t wait to share it with you to maybe open yours during this upcoming holiday season.

One of my best friends is moving to India next month from America on an expat assignment. While I was at lunch one day here in Wroclaw, someone from India joined our table. In the spirit of starting a conversation and thinking of my friend moving to his home country, I asked him, “What should my friend bring to India when she moves there?”

His answer?

“Just bring an open mind.”

And that was it. Topic over. He didn’t say anything about bringing pots and pans, towels, your favorite makeup – come on, you know you had that list when preparing for your move! Nope, none of that. Just an open mind. And in that simple phrase, I thought about what a perfect response that was. Not just for my friend moving to India, but to anyone moving abroad, traveling to a new country, or just visiting a new neighborhood down the street. Wow. So simple yet it applies to so many contexts – including that of the holidays.

During the holidays, we are so stuck in our own traditions that it is hard to want to start new ones. Sometimes that makes us blind and we begin to focus on what we can’t have in our new country verses what do. For example, here in Poland, we had a hard time finding a whole turkey for Thanksgiving – we were so obsessed with this idea that we searched high and low for weeks to find this turkey to ensure our Thanksgiving ‘tradition’ continued. But if we’re being honest, there is plenty of ham here on every corner.

Would it have been the end of the world to serve ham instead of a whole turkey? No. But we didn’t want to change our tradition. When in reality, being an expat during the holidays is already so far from the typical Thanksgiving tradition that serving ham could have been our new routine here in Poland. We still would have had great friends gathered that we are so thankful for. No questions asked, that would not have changed regardless of what we served.

So all that said, here is my challenge to you this holiday season:

Don’t become consumed by what you can’t have/find/cook/buy in the country you are living in. This year, just bring an open mind to the table and let the new traditions form. Who knows. You might even like them better. This is your chance to find out.

Embrace it.