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When fat turns into fab!

23 Jan


So the past few days I have gone for a run with our puppy. What I notice about running is not only the scenery, the beautiful weather but the amount of other runners.

I mean I wouldn’t call myself a runner. I have learned to love running. Back in the day I could not think of anything worse than running. However back in 2009, I was prepping for our wedding and was told that running is the best thing for a all round work out.

At first I died! Seriously, I disliked it. I was one of those people in gym class that would “happen” to miss the warm up, that how much I didn’t like running. Then in 2009, slowly my walk run turned into a jog which turned into a slow run. Today I would say I am still a slow jogger.

So I was on my run today, breathing pretty heavily at the traffic light when, a girl says “Nice day for a run” I replied ” Yes lovely day” she replied “it is always a good day for a good sweat! Sweat is your fat crying!” Then she ran off.

I stood there thinking. What the heck did she just say? Sweat is your fat crying? Really? I mean sweat means to me that it is a really good work out. I never thought my fat was crying. I mean if that is the case then crap it cries a lot!

When did fat turn into a every day discussion? I mean how does that lady at the traffic light know that my fat crying couldn’t it be muscle, can’t fat be fab ?!

People say fat can be mean word. I think it depends on the context. If you say there is a ton of fat in animal fries, or my arse is fat or sweat is your fat crying. Would you take offense?

I think every single person has there own insecurities and you have to be confident in yourself to say I’m hot, I am going to work it! Maybe it was fat and not muscle but you know what.

Fat is fab!

Celebrating festive occasions abroad!

23 Jan


Being a expat means you get to have an adventure, discover new and interesting places and experiences. On the down side expats are always missing something back home- a wedding, birthday, birth, christening, Christmas or baby shower.

January is one of my favorite months of the year. Why you may ask?

Well It is a start of a new year, my hubby’s birthday, friends and family birthday, cricket test and last but not least Australia day!

Australia Day is one of my favorite holiday! It is a time to get together with friends/ family, watch cricket, drinking beer, having a BBQ and listening to triple J hottest 100.

Though this can be hard abroad, we will miss Australia Day in Oz this year. So in this situation you have a few choices get down in the dumps, join a festivity abroad or create your own event.

A fellow readers this week asked me how do you celebrate your traditions from your home land abroad?

So in response please find my top 3 ways of celebrating a festive occasion abroad!

1- Embrace it- if you celebrate an occasion – Australia Day, Anzac Day, Queens Birthday, 4th July, Thanksgiving etc at home, make a point to embrace it and celebrate it where ever you are living.

2- Get involved– Expats are everywhere chances are you are not alone and there are fellow expats wanting to do the same thing. So join meet ups, have your own celebration or combine with other clubs and people!

3- Get patriot– I find I am even more passionate about Australia, living overseas. I love sharing Australia traditions, songs and facts. Do the same!

So on this Australia Day, if you are living in San Fran, come join fellow Aussies at ” The Australia Day Sport Carnival”

An event where netball, afl, pies, bake goods and Aussie music combine to make one heck of an event!

For more information check out

Some times expats feel far away from home! Embrace the experience, as you never know when it may end!

Embrace Life!

What does 2014 hold?

2 Jan


With the beginning of 2014 started it is time to reach my goals by the end of the year.

What I have realized lately is the importance of loved ones and work life balance. Like a lot of us, we have spent so much time working, trying to reach your career potential, waiting to reach a particular goal or travel to a specific destination, that I have decided that 2014 is going to be the year of change, discovery, enlightenment and joy.

So how am I going to do that?

Well I have put my fears in the freezer and written my goals that I want to achieve.

So here are three of my goals I wanted to share with you. Normally 3 of my goals I share and the other 2, I wish upon a star. As my girlfriend told me recently always have a wish ready as you never know when you will see a shooting star.

Though the goals may seem trivial to some, any goal is important if you have created and want to achieve it.

So here we go:

1- Spend more time with hubby

2- Attend a cooking class

3- Run a 10km.

So as I go to bed on the first day of 2014 , I am putting my best foot forward to achieve all my goals and dreams.

I say to you reach for the stars and never stop!


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