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You know your a Mum if….

25 Jun


This blog is a shout out to all my fellow Mum readers. As a new Mum I have entered the world of diapers, spit up, poop, mothers groups, feeding, prams and so much more

So it struck me that I have gone from wife to wife and mother. I was one of those people who went to wine bars and didn’t understand the need for parents to be home at a certain time, schedules, what teething meant and the excitement when you meet another Mum you connected with. 
I have entered a whole new world of motherhood, with a greater appreciation and understanding of all the mothers I know, especially my own mother. 

It has dawned on me at the supermarket that can a stranger tell if I am a mother when I don’t have my daughter with me. The answer would be yes. 

20 reasons that tells you and others, you know your are a mother. 
You know your a new Mum if…

1– If you can navigate a baby store

2– If you ask a fellow Mum where she got a baby item from 

3– If you are trying to lose the baby weight while your baby is trying to gain weight 

4– If you can smell poop a mile off

5– If you have mastered the art of feeding and pushing the pram at the same time

6– If 7.30am is a sleep in

7– If you have a shower which is less than 5 minutes on a daily basis 

8– If you are excited that you made a new Mum friend

9– If you start discussing schools when they are a newborn

10– If you have spit up on the back of your top

11– If going to the supermarket alone feels like a vacation. 

12– If you have 3000 photos on your phone and 2800 of them are of your baby

13– If you buy sweet potato and your husband thinks it is for dinner when it is for making baby food 

14– If you miss your baby even though it has only been half an hour.

15– If you rush the end of dinner as you need to get home to the babysitter 

16– If you think it is so adorable when your child, smiles, laughs, crawl and giggles

17– If going to the movies is a luxury rather than the nom

18– If there nothing better than a baby cuddle

19– If you start planning there 1st birthday months in advance 

20– If you want to do it all over again

I love being a mother and wouldn’t change a thing. I have gained an appreciation and an understanding of the beginning of motherhood. 
The adventure has only just begun! 

Trailing spouse- trailing mother- travel widow wife 

16 Jun


      I am often asked what do you do, why are you in the USA, where is your husband and the question I am asked almost daily how do you cope with your husbands travel. 

      A reader of mine ask me to write a blog about how to cope with having a husband that travels. To that reader, this blog post is for you. 
      More and more people are traveling for work, both interstate and overseas. Some travel a little and others travel a lot. 

      I grew up with a Dad that travelled a lot in fact he commuted from Perth to the eastern states weekly. My Mum made every effort to make a happy, positive household. I can now start to understand what she went through as a mother and what a truly amazing job she did. 

      When I meet my husband, little did I know that he too would travel a lot. I have been with my husband for 11 years and over that time his travel has increased slowly until the last 5 years where it has become more often. 

      Having a husband that travels is far from easy, especially now with a newborn. But we make it work and enjoy spending time even more when we are together. 

      Over the years I have gained tips and tricks of being what I like to call a travel widow wife. A wife who is alone while there husband travels for work.
      So here our my tips for how to cope with a traveling husband

      1- Keep in contact- messages, viber, FaceTime, calls, whatever it takes to keep in contact on a daily basis. 

      2- Keep busy- plan out your days, while he is way- meet up with friends, work out, do chores, what ever your interests are ,fill your time with your favorite things to do.

      3-Schedule – it is crucial to plan. If I want my husband at an event or appointment then I plan around his schedule. We have what we call “black out day” where it is a must he is here and he tries to work his travel around that. 

      4- Communicate – communicate your thoughts, plans, daily thoughts with him. Make sure you include him on decisions and daily goings so he feels apart of the family. 

      5- Flexibility- flexibility is key. My husband travel changes all the time and it is key for me to be flexible and not to take it personally. 

      6- Support– ensure you have support around you- friends and family. Our friends are our family as we are expats living overseas. However I call my parents every day and they can FaceTime with our daughter. They are always there to support me and give guidance. 

      Every day I learn I new tip or trick and I never stop getting advice and support from fellow mothers. Being a mother, expat and a travel widow wife, is still new and I seek help when needed. 

      Enjoy every moment with your husband and make those moments special. Plan trips, date night, family outings and enjoy the ride! 


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