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Another day, another glass of Prosecco!

7 Dec


My eyes open and a new day begins. I stretch out of bed to hear ” Momma Momma” and the day is underway!

I venture out into the cold to walk the kids to school as Grace is singing all the way. The city is starting to wake up, the smell of coffee in the air and a new discovery awaits.

I start with my morning coffee and I see what the day holds. From coffee dates, to volunteering to errands, some days are normal life while others are about discovery the city and Italian life.

I get asked most day where am I from? What brought you to Turin, Do I like Italy? And what school do my kids go to?

It is funny that the same questions are asked and the excitement I get to speak to someone in English. If they are Australia, it is like Christmas.

But what I find really interesting is that every expat is different and every experience is different. What is common to me isn’t the same for another.

So far it is interesting what people expect our Italian life to be like. People say I have spent time in Italy on vacation and it is magical, I would love to live there, all the time. Let the truth be told vacationing in Italy and living in Italy is entirely different. I mean it is completely different.

Now there are some similarities, the food, the culture and lifestyle. But what is not expected is the Italian bureaucracy, the inconvenience factor and the lack of technology. Once you face the fact that these factors can’t be changed and you personally just need to adapt, then your life will be easier and enjoyable.

From my recent blog, I have had requests on top 5 tips of living in Italy so here we go.

1- Patience ! Number one top tip is patience. Be aware that things take time, you are not in control of everything that is being done and time has no limit.

2- Flexibility– be flexible in all situations. Sometime things in Italy are not logical, and don’t always have a straight forward process so the key is to adapt and be flexible

3 Network– meeting people makes a big difference to your experience. Join meet up groups, international groups, moms groups, what ever interests you. Making friends and sharing experiences always makes me feel more settled.

4 Make your house your home– make your home feel like home. Send over your furniture , put up paintings, set up your house and make it feel like a home. We shipped all of our items and it made a world of difference particularly to our children.

5 Be open minded– go with an open mind. Try not to compare Italy to other places, try not to concentrate on the negative but instead embrace the positive. If you are constantly comparing you will always be disappointed, rather start new experiences, enjoy what Italy has to offer and embrace it.

So with all that said it is time for another glass of prosecco.

Until next time, Ciao!


An Aussie gal takes on Italy

22 Nov


It has been some time since I have written a post and this is why. Aside from having two kids under 4 we moved from San Francisco, USA to Turin, Italy.

Yes you read it we moved to Italy! We have been here almost 3 months and it has been an adventure.

Let me just create a scene for you… firstly the top questions I am asked – no I don’t speak Italian, yes I have been to Italy before, no I didn’t think I would ever live here, yes I know it gets cold and no I am not prepared for it, we moved for my husbands work and finally yes we brought the dog.

I have been abroad a long time now but never moved to a country where English isn’t the countries first language.

So what do I think, well that’s a hard one. Firstly I love Turin, the people, culture, food and scenery are amazing. The bureaucracy, lack of online services, language and the steps to do things can be tricky.

What I have found interesting about moving to Italy is the things I didn’t expect and what I am learning along the way.

So here are my top discoveries I have found to date-

Moving with kids– firstly I have never done this before and secondly it makes things even more complicated. Italian love children and are very accommodating. With that said there isn’t always the baby conveniences like other countries. I think since we have been here, I could count on one hand, the times I have changed Will on a changing table and not the floor.

The cold– it is safe to say that this Aussie gal is not use to cold and or rain. Imagine me with a double stroller and an umbrella. It resulted in a drown rat, that rat being me. I mean what the heck is a foot muff. In case you a wondering it is like a sleeping bag pouch which attaches to the stroller to keep the kids warm. Finally, everyone where puffer jacket and I was told to embrace the puffer and I did and you know what they are great.

Technology– now I know I have come from Silicon Valley, tech savvy place of the usa but I guess I didn’t realize what a tech life we have been living, from remotes on everything, fast internet, wireless security, overhead lights just to name a few. Here everything is engrained with such rich history and beauty but doesn’t alway have the tech bells and whistles. It makes me realize what a tech life we have been living and how people in Italy arnt on there phones, internet or social media all the time but rather are relaxed and enjoying what is right in front of them.

Each day I am seeing, learning and discovering more and more. It is interesting as along the way I am rediscovering myself and not as a wife or as a mother but rather as just Sarah.

We all have dreams and goals and some of those I had forgotten and you know what it is time to reconnect, rediscover and reward.

At the end of the day all I need is love, laughter and prosecco! Cheers until next time xoxo




Top 5 Aussie things to do in the Bay Area.

7 Sep


Being a expat, homesickness is something we live with. Some are home sick all the time, while others just every now and again.

I have been asked by a fellow blogger what are my top Aussie things to do in the Bay Area to cure homesickness.

So in no particular order:

1. Aussie Rules Footy: got to love our footy. GGAFL( http://www.ggafl.com/) and Sacramento Footy (http://sacfooty.webs.com/) is the place to see it. Either strap on your boots and have a play or be a spectator.

2.Australia shop: Australia Product Co (http://www.aussieproducts.com/mobile/) San Jose or Australia Fair in San Francisco (http://www.australiafairinc.com/) is the place to go for Aussie food. From time tams, cordial, pies, laminations, pavlova eggs and top and fill they have it all.

3. Australian Chamber of Commerce events: if you are wanting to celebrate some Aussie events- AFL Grand Final, Melbourne Cup, Anzac Day to name a few check out http://www.sfaussies.com

4. Netball: want to play a bit of sport and socialize with the girls. Check out San Francisco Stars Netball. (http://starsnetball.com/)

5. Cricket: missing the days of hot weather, beer and watching a good cricket match. Look no further than Marin county. To watch or become a part of the Marin Cricket Club or another club in the Bay Area take a look at the website http://www.bayareacricket.org/

Being Australian is amazing and though Aussie expats are far from home there is always another fellow aussie close by, aussie events to go to and aussie sports to be played.

” Aussie Expat will always call Australia home”


An Aussie gentlemen vs an American gentlemen

28 Aug


So what is the difference between. Aussie gentlemen and a American gentlemen you may ask yourself?

From Aussie language like ” my shout”, “fair dinkum”,”gday mate”, and “you little ripper” to the love of footy and cricket and finally the love of being an Australian. That is what being an Aussie male is all about.

I have never dated a American gentlemen so I can only speak from a friend perspective, but American gentlemen have buddies rather than mates, they enjoy american beer such as Bud and food like buffalo wings which isn’t really buffalo and they love to tail gate and that doesn’t mean being close to the car in front of you,

Today I was asked a interesting questions what makes me Australian, I said “I am from Australia” they replied “but what makes Australia , Australia” I thought about that questions and replied-

” Australia is a land of beauty, farmer union ice coffee, Aussie rules football, the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the meat pie, cricket, amazing scenery, kangaroos, Crocodile Dundee and the attitude that it is the best place to live and be from”

Then I was asked what is Australian men like compared to American men. I replied “well you know the movie Australia when Hugh Jackman takes his shirt off and he is tan, hot and ripped, will just like that” “Nah just kidding”, I replied quickly afterwards.

Well I met my husband at a B & S Ball. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a Bachelor and Spinster Ball in the middle of a paddock where you drink, dance, through food dye at each other and have a hell of a good time. It is very Australian and very country! Random I know but 9 years later we are still together and happly married.

My friend replied- “we need an event like that in the USA, I would love to marry a Aussie guy”

It got me thinking that did I fall in love with my husband because he was Australian or because we have things in common? It was appealing that he was from Australia but that did not define him and I feel like love with his kindness, interests, personality and lets be honest he was hot!

So I guess the conclusion of this blog is all men are similar, doesn’t matter if they are from Australia, England, China or the USA. You fall in love with the person not the nationality.

With that said it is time for bed. I lastly want to thank each and everyone of you for reading and for your support. I have been blown away with the response to my blog and feel truly blessed that you are enjoying reading my posts.

If there is any topics you would like me to tackle feel free to email me at sarahjuliestone@gmail.com or send me a message.

So until tomorrow, I am Sarah, this is The Expat Loop and I am signing off good night,

Where San Francisco meets Australia- www.sfaussies.com

27 Aug

There are significant amount of Aussies in the Bay Area. You just have to google it to see there are clubs, meet up groups, sporting groups and even an Australia shop.

If you are new to the Bay Area and want to meet other Aussie’s then definitely take a look at http://www.sfaussies.com

SF Aussie ( Chamber of Commerce) is a organization which was established in 1981, the venerable Australian American Chamber of Commerce exists to embody, promote and advance the Uniquely Australian Way to Work and Play. This means taking a quintessentially Australian approach to both business and pleasure, allowing for seriousness and fun, success and relaxation.

Do you miss Aussie food?
Do you miss nice cold Aussie beer?
Do you like cricket and footy?
Want to chat to other expat business people?
New to the USA and want information on living in the USA?

If you answered YES to any of the above then check it out.

There are a few upcoming events that you may be interested in:

Upcoming events

SF International Women Entrepreneurs Forum- 12 Sep 2013 5:30 PM

AACC Business Seminar – New to the US!- 18 Sep 2013 6:00 PM

AFL Grand Final Party
27 Sep 2013 6:00 PM

I would only promote a website if I truly believed in it.

Become a member, register for an event or just check out the website.

If I ever feel home sick, other Aussie expats hanging out eating good Aussie tucker makes me feel like home.

I will always call Australia home!


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