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Visiting home as a expat! 

9 Mar
Visiting home as a expat! 

As a expat we long for the day to return home for a visit to see friends and family. 

The excitement of pressing booked on your flights. The anticipation of walking on to a Qantas jet and hearing a Aussie accent and then the final descent into the land down under.

On arrival you rush to get your Aussie food fix be it a pie, a flat white or some Cadbury chocie. Then you wait to see your family and friends! You reconnect on what has happened in the past year, all the local gossip and you remience like old times. 

It is a strange feeling! It is like meeting an old friend, familiar yet you don’t see them often. It is as if nothing has changed yet there are changes around every corner. From new restaurents, building, freeways to       friends and family having children, buying houses and moving interstate. 

Being a expat is like living a double life. We have two houses, two sets of friends and two lives. One is not better than the other, just different. You fit in your life where you are living and the when you go home you fit there too. 

I am proud to be an Australian and to bring our daughter home for the first time. How long I will be a expat living in the usa, I am not sure. One thing is for sure, is that I will make sure our daughter knows where she is from, make a effort to come home yearly and enjoy the time we spend in Australia. 

No matter where we live and what we do we will still and always call Australia home! 

Am I speaking English?

21 Oct


Am i speaking English? A question I asked myself daily.

I ask for:

Diet coke- I get a confused looked

Non fat cappuccino wet- I end up with a cappuccino with whip

Fries- ends up as garlic fries

Sandwiches- get a burger

Put it in the boot- they tried to put it in my shoe

I am speaking English yet they don’t understand me.

A few days ago I went to pottery barn. One of my old time favorite shops. With many of our friends and family having babies I went to buy a few gifts.

I said, I need these two presents wrapped separately, flat, so I can send them to Australia, in unisex paper. The lady looked at my with a confused look, so I repeated myself and she said come back in half hour and it will be complete.

So I went off to have coffee and came back to:

Well… I thought I was getting two present flat wrapped in beige paper but nope it was two giant boxes wrapped one in pink and one in blue. All I thought was wtf?

I could not bring myself to say anything ( they wouldn’t of understood anyway) so instead I walked away, got in the car and thought. What the heck?

Some times it blows my mind as to if they don’t understand what I am saying?
What do they think I am saying?
What does a Aussie accent sound like to a foreigner?

Well time will tell, if I start losing my Aussie accent or if people understand me more.

All I know is I am speaking English and when I was asked earlier in the week.what language do you speak in Australia?” that just topped the week off. I mean seriously!

Food for thought!

Australian food- oh how I miss thee!

30 Aug


From yummy pies, sausages rolls and farmer union ice coffee to lamingtons Tim tams and Vegemite. Australia food is like nothing else.

When you start dreaming of pies you realize you have a problem.

Food in California is good and yummy but you can’t beat the Aussie food goodness.

So how do I beat this I ask myself? Well I think it is time to embrace my inner chef and make some Aussie food.

So with that said the first recipe will be the meat pie. Not something I have made before but will give it ago. I will put pictures up of the complete product.

The other thing I miss is Australia wine. My favorite wine is the Sauvignon Blanc. I love nothing more than a crisp, delicious s. Blanc from the Adelaide Hill. My favorite is Shaw & Smith. This type of grape wine can be found in north California but it doesn’t have the same taste and flavor. So if anyone has some California wine suggestions let me know.

Today is the start of the labour day weekend so that means the weekend is upon us.

Well until I make pies and find wine. I will have to stick to bubbly and pretzels.

Happy Labour Day weekend!

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