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Where food & wine meets = Mixoloseum

9 Oct


After popular demand this post is re posted!

Are you a foodie?

Are you a wino?

If you said YES to any of above, you MUST read this blog post. Food and wine is a love of mine, from cooking, to enjoying amazing food in restaurants, wine tasting to hosting dinner parties.

What I find the hardest, is finding interesting tasty produce both with food and wine. The other factor is time. Finding time to cook and put on a dinner party, where you spend time enjoying the food and wine with guests rather than being in the kitchen.

Then my prayers were answered with one word Mixoloseum.

What is Mixoloseum you may say? It is a time saver, foodies dream and a wine heaven.

Mixoloseum is an organisation that is about the love of eating, drinking, sharing and sociable selling. Now you know to date that I haven’t promoted products unless I truly believe in them. I personally know the Aussie co-founders and know first hand that what they offer is truly unique.

Check out there website and order online or even better host a Mix Party at home where you can invite your friends and family to share a night in sampling and enjoying the Mixoloseum experience.

My favorite product to date is the chocolate marshmallow balsamic vinegar, yes you heard me right. It is to die for and great for the time poor. Sometime cooking desserts gets too hard or I know I find it hard to come up with new creative desserts to serve to my guests, put it over icecream and you are done. When dessert sneaks in and makes a move on your savoury canapés. Its time sweeten up your next dinner party.

Stuck for ideas for your next dinner party? Do you pull out the same dips, crackers, cheese? Keep it simple but simply add some jazz to your next spread. http://www.mixparty.com/bottle.php?ProductID=3018&cPath=18

And for the totally lazy, yet serious planner (yes that is me), they even have a Bakers Delight Gift Box.


(it comes with a Sweet Dukkah Crumb – Sprinkle this magic blend of nuts, seeds, sweet spices and coconut over yogurt, ice-cream, fresh fruit or to add some texture to your baked delights. Roll Salmon or Mahi Mahi in this delicious crunchy blend and bake or grill for seafood perfection.

So stop reading, YES stop right now and check it out. I know for the fellow foodies and wino you wont be sorry you did!


Australian food- oh how I miss thee!

30 Aug


From yummy pies, sausages rolls and farmer union ice coffee to lamingtons Tim tams and Vegemite. Australia food is like nothing else.

When you start dreaming of pies you realize you have a problem.

Food in California is good and yummy but you can’t beat the Aussie food goodness.

So how do I beat this I ask myself? Well I think it is time to embrace my inner chef and make some Aussie food.

So with that said the first recipe will be the meat pie. Not something I have made before but will give it ago. I will put pictures up of the complete product.

The other thing I miss is Australia wine. My favorite wine is the Sauvignon Blanc. I love nothing more than a crisp, delicious s. Blanc from the Adelaide Hill. My favorite is Shaw & Smith. This type of grape wine can be found in north California but it doesn’t have the same taste and flavor. So if anyone has some California wine suggestions let me know.

Today is the start of the labour day weekend so that means the weekend is upon us.

Well until I make pies and find wine. I will have to stick to bubbly and pretzels.

Happy Labour Day weekend!

Food network obsessed = introducing Food Loop Review

29 Aug


I am on this planet to eat amazing food and wine.

From lamb roast, pumpkin ravioli and lobster moray to sweet cupcakes, pavlova, chocolate slice and macaroons.

Food is my soul and I like nothing more than a stunning dinner with a glass of wine.

So when moving to America, a highlight is The Food Network. Watching Ina Garten, Chopped, Cupcake wars, Iron Chef, Diners Drive in and Dives and Masterchef.

I always thought I would become a chef but then I did work experience in a kitchen in year 10 and after a week of peeling vegetables, plucking quail and catching the bomb alaska on fire, I knew I would rather enjoy food and wine than be a chef.

So as part of my expat journey I want to try amazing food and wine in California.

There junk food like animal fries and Taco Bell. Then chocolate from ghiradelli. Then the food I love quality food made with local ingredients.

So as my journey continues I want to visit restaurants and wineries in the Bay Area and surrounds.

I will write a review each fortnight of my experience and it will be called:

“Food Loop Review”

I will post my first review in the coming week. As we get closer to Labor Day Holiday weekend let sit back relax, enjoy good food and wine with friends and have a few laughs, after all:

“Laughter is brightest where food is best”

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