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Discover your expat city!

2 Dec

So begins part 2 of arriving as a expat and becoming a local. This is part of a series which will assist you with becoming a expat.

Many readers have requested assistance, advice and information on tips and tricks of being a expat and living the expat life in the Bay Area.

So to answer your question the first tip is to discover.

Discover the place you live, get to know your local community and enjoy what your city has to offer.

The Bay Area has an array of things to do. No matter what your interests are, be it the arts, food and wine, sports recreation, history and nature there is something for you.

When arriving to a new destination the first thing I alway do is go on. Hop on/ off bus. It may not sound luxurious or overly exciting compare to other tours but it allows you to get your bearings, a lay of the land and start to discover what the town has to offer.

This will assist with finding what neighborhood you would like to live in, the local spots to eat and background on the community.

For San Fransisco check out http://www.hop-on-hop-off-bus.com/san-francisco-bus-tours for tours.

Being a expat a lot of the time you don’t chose where you go or are posted and that means that maybe the destination isn’t a major city and may not have tours. So if that is the case grap a map and make your own tour. Check out all the major attractions of the town and get the lay of the land that way.

Once I have completed the tour then it is time to embrace the expat experience!

I find, I always feel better about a place once I have done some discovering. Check out the local spots, get a feel for the town and then you can make a start in getting settled.

First stop discover, second stop research!

Let the expat journey continue!


Arriving as a expat and becoming a local

15 Nov


So the decision is made that you are moving, not to a near by town or suburb but across the world to the USA! You are excited, nervous anxious and so much more!

You clean out your house, pack up and ship your items, have a going away party, eat all your favorite foods at your favorite restaurants and then the day comes that you leave on a jet plane. Good bye home, hello America.

As you land into your new town, you take your first steps in the USA, you think to your self ok I am here, now what? What do I do next?

Well here are my top 10 tips for expats arriving into the USA. Each week I will expand on my tips and provide you with more information in relation to being a expat in the San Francisco Bay Area.

1- Discover– get to know the city you live in. Take a hop on/ off bus and discover all the different neighborhoods and areas.

2- Research– website hunt, read expat blogs, websites and get tips from those that know.

3- Network– the best pieces of expat advice I have been given is from word of mouth. Join meet up groups and expat groups.

4- Credit History– open up a bank account, start a credit card, lease a car but most of all start your credit history.

5- Create a home– live as though you are not leaving! Buy furniture, rent an apartment, set up your house the way you want it and make it a home.

6- Embrace American and your homeland traditions– celebrate Thanksgiving, Super Bowl, 4th July! Share your celebrations with your expat and American friends.

7- Insurance– make sure you have health insurance

8- Join a club– what ever your interest are join a club or group. Be it Aussie Rules Football, Netball, Amateur Theatre or Pool.

9- Get involved in your community– do a local fun run, attend a trivia night or a restaurant opening.

10- Get your California Driving license- by law you are required to get your license within a certain timeframe of arriving in the USA.

Now set off and enjoy your expat journey!

Get your race wear ready!

26 Oct


It is race time! YES it is nearly November which means it is Melbourne Cup time!

A time when Australia stops to watch the horse race of the year!

Ladies get dressed up with hats and fascinator, men in suits, wine is flowing, betting is happening and it is time to let your hair down and have fun!

Being that I live in San Fran! My girlfriend and I only saw fit to celebrate this great occasion! I mean no Aussie needs a reason to drink bubbly, watch sport and have a good time!

So if you are in the Bay Area make sure you come join Melbourne Cup- SF style. Tickets are selling fast, register today at

I grew up loving the horse races. I remember my first race with my grandparents! My mum’s aunt Elise could always pick a winner. Me on the other hand I go by the name. Don’t look at the stats, color just the name! So much to say that I haven’t made any money from my bets!

It is so exciting, waiting in anticipation for the horse to begin. The gun goes off and the horses are off! It feels like time stands still while the race is happening. You hope that your horse gets called! You scream at the Tv, as you think that will make the horse go faster. But no it comes in last but it doesn’t matter as it was the the horse race of your life!

God I love it! Time to go find a dress, get out my stilettos and hat!

It’s time for the races!


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