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Trailing spouse- trailing mother- travel widow wife 

16 Jun


      I am often asked what do you do, why are you in the USA, where is your husband and the question I am asked almost daily how do you cope with your husbands travel. 

      A reader of mine ask me to write a blog about how to cope with having a husband that travels. To that reader, this blog post is for you. 
      More and more people are traveling for work, both interstate and overseas. Some travel a little and others travel a lot. 

      I grew up with a Dad that travelled a lot in fact he commuted from Perth to the eastern states weekly. My Mum made every effort to make a happy, positive household. I can now start to understand what she went through as a mother and what a truly amazing job she did. 

      When I meet my husband, little did I know that he too would travel a lot. I have been with my husband for 11 years and over that time his travel has increased slowly until the last 5 years where it has become more often. 

      Having a husband that travels is far from easy, especially now with a newborn. But we make it work and enjoy spending time even more when we are together. 

      Over the years I have gained tips and tricks of being what I like to call a travel widow wife. A wife who is alone while there husband travels for work.
      So here our my tips for how to cope with a traveling husband

      1- Keep in contact- messages, viber, FaceTime, calls, whatever it takes to keep in contact on a daily basis. 

      2- Keep busy- plan out your days, while he is way- meet up with friends, work out, do chores, what ever your interests are ,fill your time with your favorite things to do.

      3-Schedule – it is crucial to plan. If I want my husband at an event or appointment then I plan around his schedule. We have what we call “black out day” where it is a must he is here and he tries to work his travel around that. 

      4- Communicate – communicate your thoughts, plans, daily thoughts with him. Make sure you include him on decisions and daily goings so he feels apart of the family. 

      5- Flexibility- flexibility is key. My husband travel changes all the time and it is key for me to be flexible and not to take it personally. 

      6- Support– ensure you have support around you- friends and family. Our friends are our family as we are expats living overseas. However I call my parents every day and they can FaceTime with our daughter. They are always there to support me and give guidance. 

      Every day I learn I new tip or trick and I never stop getting advice and support from fellow mothers. Being a mother, expat and a travel widow wife, is still new and I seek help when needed. 

      Enjoy every moment with your husband and make those moments special. Plan trips, date night, family outings and enjoy the ride! 



      The day arrives and you become a Auntie or Uncle

      28 Oct


      Since I started my blog, there are very few times that I speak about myself in great details. Generally I speak about expat topics or challenges that expats face. But today I am going to speak about family.

      The hardest thing about being a expat is being away from friends and family. But to be honest what is even harder is being away from nieces and nephews. We have two nephews, one niece and two god children.

      When your a expat, it feels as though time stands still and when you go home everything is the same. But with children , you see how much they have grown up and you realize time has passed and what you are missing out on.

      This week marked an important event- the birth of our first niece- Ivy. She is absolutely adorable, a slice of perfection and is the cutest. For the first time since arriving in the USA, I was sad that I wasn’t at home with my family celebrating that moment.

      So with that all said, here are my top tips to embrace and be part of events back in your homeland.

      As a expat you are walkways going to miss festive events- Christmas, Easter. weddings, births etc, so try these tips below:

      Contact– make sure you have someone at home who can keep you up to date on what is happening and as the events unfold.

      Presents– make sure that you feel present in the events by calling on Skype, sending picture and messages to those involve. Also send a gift and get them to un wrap the present while you are on the phone.

      Make the effort- even though you don’t live in the same place or country make the effort and don’t forget your family and friends. Make the effort to email, message or skype.

      Upon reflection and after some time, though I wasn’t there in person for the birth of niece. I was there in spirit. Also with today’s technology- email, facebook, mms, phone, Skype, I have been in contact and love getting Bro’s picture updates.

      So todays blog is dedicated to our newest niece Ivy and her wonderful family.

      Thinking of you all

      Top Travel Tips

      21 Sep


      I love to travel. Anytime, anywhere.

      If my life could be a holiday, I would do it! Thoughts of a travel writer or blogger have come to mind on a few occasions.

      With all that said, there are a few ways to travel- budget, mid-range, expensive.

      Well I like a bit of all it. I think rather than the way to travel, it is traveling smart. A fellow bloggers asked me for my top travel tips for planning a vacation, so thought I would share:

      Top tips to planning your next vacation!

      Plan ahead– book flights early, do the research, hunt down good deals, obtain visas and passport.

      Research– do your research. Yes it does take time but it will save you money. Take a look at Expedia.com, kayak.com or priceline.com.

      Lonely planet guide– check out the guide for the area you are traveling, the guide has great ideas, maps and tourist information.

      Talk to friends– find out what you can from people who have been to the destination. Ask friends, family, read travel blogs and websites.

      Pack Light– pack your bag and then half it. We have a tendency to over pack. So make sure you pack smart and light. Always pack a spare pair of undies, phone charger and toothbrush in your carry on bag in case your luggage gets lost.

      Time– make sure you allow time for your travel- to get to the airport, go through security and check in. It takes longer than you think.

      Tourist centre– on arrival make your way to a tourist bureau. Get maps, information and guides to your area. Ask questions and get the lay of the land. You can never have too much information.

      So go out and start planning your next vacation. There is a whole wide world to go and explore.

      “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard

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